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Without thereby having to pay more.
From now on, you will like coming to the dentist.

What changes in our care model?

We arrived at the exclusive care model of the Specialized Dental Center, where technology and sensitivity are balanced to offer the best of each.

Costo accesible

An affordable cost

We are affiliated with major ARS in the country, we accept the basic social security plan. We offer direct financing with a banking institution. We offer payment plans.


High speed wireless

If you want to check-in on FourSquare, check your Facebook updates or just check your mail, we offer our high speed wifi as a courtesy during your visit to Specialized Dental Center.

Audio y video

Audio and video immersion

While you're at one of our chairs you can watch your favorite series or movie from Netflix with Zeiss lenses Cinemizer or you can listen to the music of your choice through one of our wireless Beats headphones.

Rigorous standards

Esterilización e higiene

Sterilization and hygiene

All microorganisms are completely destroyed by the washing-drying-wrap-sterilization-storage cycle of instruments. The protocol of sterilization and hygiene is rigorous, strict and personally supervised by our professional dentists.

Among the care of our patients we throw away every surface protectors, bibs, cups, ejectors and others. Biosecurity is our main concern so you and your family can feel safe.

Advanced technology


Goodbye fear of anesthesia

You will not believe it. Come yourself to meet the modern and exclusive computerized anesthesia system that offers the Specialized Dental Center. The Wand is what you need to cast into oblivion the old form of anesthesia, invented in 1876(!!).

High rotating turbine with LED light

At Centro Dental Especializado we use turbines with LED light, which allow the best view of the polishing and carving work that is being done, maximizing the desired and obtained results.


4x magnifying loupe

"They are to see you better." Our operating field is limited to a few square millimeters, so to do well, with rich detail, it helps to achieve better results..

Here it is good to be patient

Watch your favorite movie or series or enjoy our drinks bar (coffee, tea and water) while you wait for your doctor.

Administrative and educational software

Software administrativo

Administration and appointments

Dentalink is our computerized system to book appointments, file personal and clinical data, enter payments, etc. We are able to maintain a fluid communication path through the Dentalink platform, sending our patients reminders of appointments, payment receipts, treatment plans, budgets, among others.

Educational software for patients

We provide our patients the modernity and portability of the iPad, to explain in DEPTH our diagnosis of various oral pathologies and also to show the different types of treatments available.

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