About Us

Who we are

Centro Dental Especializado, the first dental center of the city of Santiago, was founded in 1982. Since then it has provided high quality dental health services, integrating general and specialized dental care through a highly professional team with resources of last generation.

We provide all these elements so that you and your family count with the health and dental aesthetics they deserve.


Restore and maintain our patients’ oral health through a personalized comprehensive care to meet your functional and aesthetics requirements and continuous improvement of your quality of life.


Being a leader in specialized dental care at the forefront of high-tech medical knowledge and development, with a team of high human quality, stable and ethical; give our patients the best dental care service to ensure your satisfaction and be a leading group in the dental sector, based on trust between the dental center and patient.


  • Quality
  • Ethics
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Innovation

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